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Authentic Turquoise Stone Jewelry

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Blue Turquoise and White Buffalo Turquoise

Blue turquoise forms where there is copper present, which is the case with most Arizona turquoise. Green turquoise forms where iron is present, the case with most Nevada turquoise. Blue turquoise represents the blue of Father Sky and Water. The Native Americans believed it to be a protective stone and a bestower of goodness. It has been known as a healer in the physical and spiritual worlds.

The chemical name for turquoise is Aluma Phosphate, which in its pure chemical state is white. Turquoise takes on color via an intrusion of either copper or iron. In the case of Dry Creek ore, the slight coloration, when present, is the result of copper. The more intrusion, the darker the color.

When discovered in the Dry Creek Mine north of Austin, Nevada in 1993, they were not sure what it was. Because of the hardness, it was decided to have it analyzed and their suspicions proved correct. It was white turquoise! Although however, it was not used in jewelry until 1996.

White turquoise forms where there are no heavy metals present, which turn out to be a very rare occurrence. To date, no other vein of gem quality white turquoise has been discovered anywhere else in the world. When this current vein runs dry, that will be the last of it. Because white turquoise is as rare as white buffaloes, the Indians have named it 'White Buffalo Turquoise'. The white turquoise is itself considered sacred and powerful. The jewelry making is an honoring or tribute to the 'White Buffalo' with this turquoise.

All turquoise jewelry items are handmade by various American Indian artists.
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Turquoise and Olive Heish Necklace Turquoise and Olive Heishe Necklace

A 17" necklace handmade using gray-olive heishe beads and small turquoise stones with a green matrix. A nice piece of handcrafted beadwork.


Turquoise Zuni Bear Fetish Necklace. Turquoise Zuni Bear Fetish Necklace Set

  • Artist : Medicine Rain
  • Nation : Caddo

A 22" necklace made with handcarved Zuni bear fetishes, small chips and disc-shaped pieces of natural turquoise. A 1.25" large Zuni bear hangs as a pendant and a sterling silver toggle clasp finishes the necklace. A pair of 1.25" earrings, with small natural turquoise Zuni bear fetishes and chips, are included and are attached to sterling silver earwires.


Turquoise and Penshell Oyster Heishe Necklace Turquoise with Penshell Oyster Heishi Necklace

  • Artist: F. Rosetta
  • Nation: Santo Domingo

Traditional Santo Domingo 3 strand Blue Green Turquoise with Penshell Oyster Heishi and small nuggets of spiney oyster beads. Sterling silver cones and a lobster claw clasp finishes this design. Necklace measures approx: 23".


Sacred Buffao Turquoise Necklace Set Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Necklace Set

  • Pendant - 1" Tall w/ bail, 1/4" wide
  • Earrings - Hook type 1 1/8" tall, 1/4" wide
  • Sterling Silver Chain - 18" Long

Genuine Indian handmade sterling silver Sacred Buffalo Turquoise necklace. This stunning piece features beautiful silverwork surrounding the light blue Sacred Buffalo Turquoise stone. The pendant has been carefully handcrafted by a Navajo silversmith and includes his signature. The piece features the highest grade materials including .925 sterling silver and the rare genuine Sacred Buffalo Turquoise.


Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Bracelet Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Bracelet

  • Artist: T J V (Initials signed on back)
  • Nation: Navajo

The bracelet is 7" including the opening. Its been handcrafted by a Navajo silversmith and includes his initials. The piece features the highest grade materials including .925 sterling silver and the rare Genuine Sacred Buffalo Turquoise. In the center of the Sacred Buffalo Nugget is a matrix of white turquoise, which can be seen. A beautiful combination of white and light blue turquoise.


Three Turquoise Stone Pendant. Three Turquoise Stone Pendant

  • Artist : M Guerro
  • Nation : Navajo

1.5" x 3" pendant with three turquoise stones mounted in a sterling silver cast. This pendant is "old pawn". A hook is on the back for ease of attaching onto a necklace.


Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Earrings Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Earrings

These Sacred Buffalo Turquoise Earrings are handcrafted by a Navajo silversmith. His initials are engraved on the back of each earring. This pair features beautiful Silverwork surrounding the light Blue Sacred BuffaloTurquoise stone. The piece features the highest grade materials including .925 sterling silver and the rare Genuine Sacred Buffalo Turquoise. The earrings are approximately 1 1/4" long.


Turquoise Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain. {Sold} Turquoise Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain

  • Artist : Ted Brer
  • Nation : Navajo

A sterling silver pendant measuring slightly over 1.5" x 5" with a large turquoise nugget in the center. The pendant is 'old pawn' but the 23" sterling silver chain is new.


Silver Inlay Turquoise Cross Pendant. [Sold} Silver Inlay Turquoise Cross Pendant

  • Artist: Initials are on the back
  • Nation: Zuni

Beautiful Native American Indian handmade Zuni inlaid cross pendant. The pendant is made of flawless turquoise. The inlay is lovely. Measures 1" tall (Including the bail) X almost 5/8" wide. This bail will hold a nice sized chain or cord. The cross has a cluster of round inlaid stones each surrounded with it's own silver frame. Includes an 18" silver filled chain so that your pendant is ready to wear when it arrives. Signed by the maker with their initials and "Zuni". Please note how dainty the turquoise pendant is by the coin laying beside it.


White Heishe and Turquoise Choker. White Heishe and Turquoise Choker

A 16" choker made with white heishe beads. A section of turquoise heishe beads is placed in the center of the choker.


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