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Navajo Indian Sand Paintings

Sand paintings were used by Navajo medicine men to cure their sick, and in healing ceremonies. Rocks would be gathered from around the area, and crushed into sand to produce the many colors.

These paintings should be dusted only. Do not use hot water or strong abrasive cleaners.

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sand painting Coyote God Sand Painting

A Navajo sand painting of the Coyote God. Framed in an 10" x 10" oak frame with a decorative mat to match the colors in the painting.


sand painting East People Sand Painting

On a dark oak 10" x 10" frame, the Navajo sand painting is of the "East People".

On the back of this painting it says, "East People used to heal sickness". Initials of the artist are unreadable.


sand painting Father Sky Mother Earth Sand Painting

A dark 8.5" x 8.5" oak frame is used to display this Father Sky and Mother Earth sand painting by the artist Yazni.


sand painting {Sold} Monster Slayer Sand Painting

This sandpainting has been sold. Thank you for your support.


sand painting Water Creature Sand Painting

9" x 9" "antique gray" oak frame with white and gray-blue mats. "Water Creature" sand painting by artist, G. Yazzie.


sand painting Sun Eagle Sand Painting

An 10" x 10" oak frame, painted in a light beige color to match the light and dark brown mats. Blends nicely with the Sun Eagle painting.


sand painting Sun Sand Painting

A 10" x 10" oak frame stained in a dark walnut color. The sand painting by artist, Berta Yazzie is called "Sun". The decorative gray, and soft orange color mats resemble the rays of the sun.


sand painting {Sold} Whirling Rainbows Sand Painting

Also known as Swirling Rainbows. To the Navajo and the Hopi, the Whirling Rainbow Woman is the bringer of friendly rains that nurture the Three Sisters - Corn, Squash and Beans - during the summer so that people will be fed.

The Whirling Rainbow Woman comes from all Four Directions and curves like a swastika covering all directions. The outside of the Sacred Circle is protected by another Whirling Rainbow Woman bending her body in the space below creating a cup-shape to catch the rain and protect the circle. Without the Rain, the Three Sisters will die and the People will not be fed.

A 9" x 9" light oak frame Artist signature is unreadable.



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