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American Indian Books - Factual - Page 1

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We have 100's of factual books about American Indians, tribal history, legends, medicine and herbs, and arts and crafts. We are presently showing a small amount of what we have, so please check back for more book selections.

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Pipes On The Plains Pipes On The Plains

  • (This book was published by the Pipestone Indian Shrine Association in cooperation with the National Park Service, U.S. Departmentof the Interior)
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Size 6.5" x 6" Soft Cover; 40 pages

There is only one place in the United States where pipestone can be found and its called Pipestone National Park. The American Indians go there to get the pipestone to make their pipes. The pipestone, called catlinite, is a red color and the Native Americans believe its the color of the blood of their ancestors and very sacred. This book covers the uses and functions of pipes, smoking materials, smoking accessories, pipestems, smoking in the Plains Indian Culture, legends of the pipe, primitive method of making pipes, with a lot of black and white photos.


Daughters Of The Earth. Daughters Of The Earth

  • ISBN 0-02-096150-2
  • Condition : Very good. Front cover has been creased in the center
  • Info : 9.5" x 6.5"; Soft Cover; 281 pages

Here as it unfolds is the chronology of the native American woman's life. Here are the birth rites of Caddo women from the Mississippi-Arkansas border, who bore their children alone by the banks of the rivers and then immersed themselves and their babies in river water; here are Apache puberty ceremonies that are still carried on today. Women were both guardians of the hearth and, on occasion, ruler and warrior, leading men into battle, managing the affairs of her people, sporting war paint as well as necklaces and earrings.


Five Indian Tribes Of The Upper Missouri. Five Indian Tribes Of The Upper Missouri

  • ISBN 0-8061-1308-1
  • Condition : Excellent. Still in shrink wrap
  • Info : 5" x 8"; Soft Cover; 217 pages

This is the early West from the horse's mouth, so to speak: a close-up, eyewitness account of how things really were on the Upper Missouri, 1833-1856, written by a hard-bitten, rye-drinking merchant of the American Fur Company who lived among the Plains tribes for twenty-two years and was married to an Assiniboine woman.


Snake Dance Of The Moquis. Snake Dance Of The Moquis

  • ISBN 0-8165-0872-0
  • Condition : Very Good. A few pages are wrinkled at the corner, in the back of the book
  • Info : 5" x 8"; Soft Cover; 364 pages + pictures

John Bourke's 1884 account is notable for his having been accorded rare privileges in observing dance-related activities, both in deference to his military status and in ignorance of the impact his published report would have. So little has changed in the ceremony over the years that his book remains a valuable ethnographic document. The Hopi's were known as the Moqui.


The Arapahoes, Our People. The Arapahoes, Our People

  • ISBN 0-8061-2022-3
  • Condition : Excellent. Still in shrink wrap
  • Info : 9" x 6"; Soft Cover

Both text and footnotes are rich in detail and anecdote glened from exhaustive research. Such ceremonies as the ritual of the Pipe, the Sun Dance, the Ghost Dance, and Peyotism are reported in such detail as to be envied by the anthropologist. Brilliant reportage and a gallery of rare photographs. South Dakota History.


The Mound Builders. The Mound Builders

  • ISBN 0-8214-0839-9
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Info : 8" x 5"; Soft Cover; 276 pages

This book written by Robert Silverburg, which is charming written, ends with a history of the archaeological work which gives the mounds BACK to the Indians and not to the Phoenicians, stray Vikings, refugee from Atlantis, nor the lost tribes of Israel.


The Quapaw Indians. The Quapaw Indians

  • ISBN 0-8061-1542-4
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Size 6" x 9" Hardback; 290 pages

Living in north-eastern Oklahoma today are the remnants of a people whose place in American history has never been fully recognized. The Quapaw Indians deserve a better fate. Originally they lived along the Mississippi River in what is now Arakansas, and during the eighteenth century both France and Spain looked to the tribe to uphold their imperial ambitions west of the Mississippi. Reservation life was tramatic for the Quapaws. In 1893 the Quapaw unilaterally allotted their reservation and all but abandoned their tribal life in common.


American Indian Books : Custer Died For Your Sins. Custer Died For Your Sins

  • ISBN 0-8061-2129-7
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Info : 5.5" x 8"; Soft Cover; 278 Pages

"The Indian world has changed so substantially since the first publication of this book that some things contained in it seem new again."

Indeed, it seems that each generation of whites and Indians will have to read and reread Vine Deloria's Manifesto for some time to come, before we absorbe his special, ironic Indian point of view and what he tells us, with a great deal of humor, about U.S. race relations, federal bureaucracies, Christian churches, and social scientist. This book continues to be required reading for all Americans, whatever their special interest.

A great chapter on how the Native American have a wonderful sense of humor and laugh about everything in their daily lives.


The American Indians The American Indians

  • ISBN 0-7910-0280-2
  • Condition : Good - Front cover on the bottom is slightly wrinkled
  • Size 7" x 9" Soft Cover; 126 pages

After nearly 500 years of suffering enormous losses of life, territory and culture, American Indians today face many social and economic challenges. The struggle to restore the traditions of their various cultures and to improve their material well-being as individuals will remain crucial to American Indians as they strive to ensure a brighter and more rewarding future for their descendants. Black and white as well as color pictures are in this book.


The Medicine Men Of The Apaches. The Medicine Men Of The Apaches

  • ISBN 87380-050-8
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Other Info : 8.5" x 11" Hard Back.

Interesting as to the practices of the Apache Medicine men. Some interesting pictures in this book are, the Scalp Shirt of Little Big Man, Necklace of human fingers, Apache medicine hat used in the ghost dance or spirit dance and the medicine shirt. Was originally published in 1892, and this publication was in the year 1983. Pages begin in this copy with 443 and ends with page 603.





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