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Crystal Buffalo - Native American Indian Jewelry - Books- Craftwork


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Authentic Indian Jewelry - Craftwork - Native American Indian Artists

Welcome to Crystal Buffalo. Crystal Buffalo offers Native American Indian Jewelry and Craftwork. We have been trading in American Indian jewelry, books, and craftwork for over 30 years, across the United States. We are now offering our selection of fine American Indian jewelry, handmade crafts, and accessories online.

All of our jewelry and crafts are handmade by skilled American Indian artists. We offer many items and accessories that are from a variety of Native American Tribes. We strive to have the greatest selection of quality Native American jewelry and authentic American Indian accessories and we believe that we offer our items at very affordable prices.

Handcarved Collector's Pieces

Knife Collector Items

Hairpipe Chokers made by Long Bow, Cherokee Artist

Sterling Silver Hairpipe Choker

God's Eyes

Native American Indian God's Eyes

Smudging and Medicine Feathers

Fans & Smudging Feathers

Fetish Jewelry

Fetish Jewelry and Items

Factual and Craft Books about American Indians

Factual and Craft Books

Bone Feather Earrings

Bone Feather Earrings

Men's Accessories: Bolo Ties

Men's Accessories - Silver & Beaded

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Herbs for Smudging

Herbs for Smudging

Seasonal Greeting Cards

Assorted Greeting Cards


Hairpipe and Beaded Bracelets

Our American Indian Jewelry, handcrafted Indian accessories, and other Indian products consist of Apache, Cherokee, Lakota Sioux, Chippewa, and Navajo Indian Tribe artists. We also have a selection of  Lumbee, Caddo, Osage, Seminole, Commanche, Brule Sioux, Alabama Coushatta, Aztec, Zuni, Choctaw, Tewa, Shoshone, Chicksaw, Santo Domingo, Ojibwe, Lenape, Texas Cherokee, Creek, Hopi, Pueblo, Ute, Nipowaken, Iroquois, Mohawk, Seneca, Kiowa, and other nations too. So, if there is something you would like, but do not see it here, please feel free to contact us. In addition to our selection of handmade American Indian jewelry and craftwork, we also offer selections of factual and herbal books, sand paintings, patterns, cards, collectibles, herbs and many other American Indian items.

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